J&J Distributing Awarded For Their Efforts in Energy Efficiency

City of Saint Paul Awards J&J Distributing with a Sustainability Award

energy_efficiency_awardOn April 20, 2011 J&J Distributing was officially recognized by the city of Saint Paul for their energy efficiency project.  J&J was the 2011 recipient of the Annual Sustainable Saint Paul Awards in energy efficiency. The awards were started by Mayor Coleman to jump start the city’s project to make Saint Paul the most livable city in the United States.*

J&J partnered with the Saint Paul Port Authority, the city of Saint Paul and Xcel Energy to reduce the energy consumption at J&J’s site. The reason J&J took an initiative to reduce the use of energy is because of the large amount of energy the company consumes as a produce distributor. The ultimate goal is to achieve a negative carbon footprint. To address this project they first changed their entire lighting system to LED and replaced 44 inefficient refrigeration units with five energy climate systems. To further the energy efficiency project the waste heat produced by the new refrigeration units will be used to heat the green houses at J&J, which is another pro-environment project that will be completed in the near future.

This project was entirely made possible by a $1.3 Million loan given to J&J by the Saint Paul Port Authority as a part of their Trillion BTU Energy Efficiency Improvement Program. This project sets the foundation for future projects at J&J that will make the company become increasingly eco-friendly.

Pictured (from left to right): Mayor Chris Coleman, Kevin Hannigan, Jim Hannigan, John Wujek, Jim Melstrom, Melvin Carter III

Photo taken by Kurt Schultz