Mission Statement

J&J Distributing strives to be a truly “sustainable enterprise” that creates positive economic, environmental and social value. J&J Distributing embraces such ideas as moving beyond ‘neutral’ to ‘positive’ in areas such as waste, water and energy.  It not only embraces the concept of ‘do no harm’, but it would in fact be restorative to ecosystems.  We are defined by our commitment to such things as paying a ‘fair share’ of taxes, having engaged employees and delivering products and services that actually build social capital.  J&J Distributing offers transparency and embraces engagement with all stakeholders, we include a full life cycle of accountability, and will incorporate leaders who are not only ethical but transformative.

We procure produce from around the globe depending upon Seasonality

Melons from Guatemala, and Honduras, Apples from New Zealand, & Chile, Pears from Argentina, Citrus from South Africa, Peru, and Chile, as well as grapes and stone fruits from producing countries in South America.  We work closely with our neighbors in Mexico importing beautiful Chili Peppers, Bell Peppers, cucumbers, and tomatoes. Of course J&J procures the majority of its fresh fruit and vegetables from all around the United States from California to the South Eastern seaboard.  We have a very strong commitment to procuring locally grown produce when in season and highlighting that product supporting our local growers from all over the state of Minnesota and Wisconsin. The commodities sourced are both conventional produce as well as Organic.


Countries of Origin


Local MN Growers


Number of SKUs we sell

Certified Organic Produce

logos-QAIAs a full line Wholesale Distributor we are extremely strong in both Conventional and Organic fresh fruits and vegetables. J&J has a team of Vendor Managers specializing in Organics that serve our customers “hands on” in and at the store level managing and marketing the highest quality organic fruits and vegetables the industry has to offer.

J&J has to go through a rigorous annual Organic Certification Process and we are one of the Wholesalers in the St. Paul, Minneapolis Market that is “CERTIFIED ORGANIC”. 

Food Safety and Product Traceability

sqf_logo_colorJ&J has always taken the extra step in bringing safe quality foods to our customer’s shelves (and tables) and we continue to maintain the highly esteemed SQF (Safe Quality Foods) Level 2000 Certification. This extremely challenging endeavor represents the highest standards of Food Safety implemented by the Global Food Safety Initiative.  J&J is proud to be out in front of its Competition by being the FIRST and currently THE ONLY Wholesale Distributor / Processor in the Twin Cities and the State of Minnesota who has achieved this level of Food Safety which is second to none.

Part of any good food safety program is product traceability, J&J’s procurement specialists along with its outstanding Operations staff have the ability to trace any product back to the seed in the ground where it was planted and the Farm it came from.


facilitiesOur operations are housed in an 110,000-square foot facility with over 90,000-square feet of cold storage that includes 21 coolers with various temperatures and a cutting facility. The facilities include 14 dock doors for trucks. We provide packaging and labeling solutions including private labels and co-packing. We are fully integrated with an eye on the future, employing over 250 produce passionate employees.

J&J has invested millions of dollars in upgrading our facility, not only for food safety, but to ensure that the cold chain is kept intact and each cooler is designed to house the right product at the right temperature. J&J also went ‘GREEN’ in upgrading our facility by using renewable energy that is produced by our State of the Art “cooling system” that generates energy while cooling the facility. This was not necessary in the upgrade but the right thing to do for the environment and its sustainability. In addition J&J only uses plastic containers in our Processing room or Juice room that are recyclable.


trailersSourcing is one thing but getting that product to our facility in a timely manner is another. J&J has an excellent network of transportation assets that get our product to our facility quickly, safely and keeping our cold chain intact ensuring the produce is transported at the correct storage temperatures ensuring the freshest product upon arrival.

J&J has a large fleet of well-maintained Semi’s and Dock trucks that are operated by professional drivers that are courteous, and helpful and will get your delivery to you on time and as ordered. We have the ability to deliver regionally and the staff that knows how to get it done.

If you see one of our trucks out on the road you will see on the side the phrase “ALWAYS EXCEEDING YOUR EXPECTATIONS” that is our mission every day and are proud to bring you the best and freshest Produce, processed, bulk, or freshly squeezed juices 7 days a week.  From our Procurement Specialist, Sales staff, Technology and Support staff, Processing Department, Vendor Manager Team, Operations staff, Repacking Department, Maintenance Team …We like to say we put the “Pro” in produce.